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Сборник статей на английском по ПЭТ-томографии

1. Sanghee Cho, Sangtae Ahn, Quanzheng Li and Richard M. Leahy, Exact and Approximate Fourier Rebinning of PET Data from Time-of-Flight to Non Time-of-Flight, Phys. Med Bio. 54 (2009) 467–484.

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Conference Publications:

1. S. Cho, S. Ahn Q. Li and R. M. Leahy, Fourier rebinnings from time-of-?ight PET data to non time-of-?ight data, Accepted for oral presentation at IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Medical Imaging Conference, Oct. 2008 

2. E. Asma and RM. Leahy, Accurate Dynamic FIM Estimation from List-Mode PET Data for Uniform Resolution Reconstructions, Conf. Record: IEEE Nucl. Sci. Symp. Med. Imag. Conf. , Puerto Rico, pp 1822-26, 2005.

3. S Somayajula, E Asma, and RM. Leahy, PET Image Reconstruction using Anatomical Information through Mutual Information Based Priors, Conf. Record: IEEE Nucl. Sci. Symp. Med. Imag. Conf. , Puerto Rico, pp 2722-26, 2005.

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